Roadtrip: Alicante–Barcelona, via Andorra

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Blue Lagoon? Nope!

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South Australia: The good life

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Diamond Beach

If you find yourself in Iceland and have the opportunity to see more than The Golden Circle, we suggest you head east. There, an…


Iceland roadtrip

After the volcano Eyafjallajökull´s eruption caused ash clouds and chaos a few years ago a lot of people became curious about the island in…


The tomato advice

What do you do when you’ve photographed all of Iceland’s impressive waterfalls and spouting geysers? You enjoy a steaming hot tomato soup. It was…

Road trip in Norway

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Yoga retreats

Yoga has become really popular as more and more people discover the amazing effects of the asanas, several yoga directions emerge and not least…


Visit Norway but be prepared

This summer has truly shown how bad people’s preparations for hiking in the mountains can be. The Pulpit outside Stavanger in the southwestern part…


Wild Wales

This year’s European Football Championship put the underdogs on the map and Wales is one of the teams that went far this year. Why…


Trinidad – a good base

Like an old lady, still with her beauty intact. She lures you in and creeps under your skin. In the end, you will not…


Trinidad – on rails

When a small idea turns out to be a great experience: We just wanted to look at the train station… It’s a warm day;…


Parque El Cubano

The town of Trinidad in Cuba has some interesting surroundings. After a quick look at the map in the Lonely Planet, the plan was…


3 nights in Cairo

Our hearts are pounding and our hands shaking. Crossing the road in Cairo is no joke. December 29th: First, we find ourselves on the…

The British isles

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