Shill House Cottage

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What not to miss in Riga

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Did you know this about Iceland?

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Vatnajökull: Ice cold giant

Through time, glaciers have formed on land on this planet. Today they play an important role as an indicator of global warming. Maybe a…

Road trip in Norway

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Wrocklaw: Dwarf hunting

Some of Wroclaw’s most popular sights are not cathedrals or monuments. Its dwarves. It is said that there are over 300 of them, but…

Street art

Soletraveller loves street art. It may be Banksy’s political stencils or an interesting detail in a street scene. We previously made a trip where…

Seydisfjordur: a colourful spot

Whether you’re arriving in Iceland by ferry or you’re far along the island’s Ring road, this little village should not be missed. I find…

Raufarholshellir: go explore

Once lava floated through here and formed a lava tube. Today it is an exciting little outing for those who like big dark holes…

Best view of Barcelona

It’s easy to drown in a city, with all that occurs in busy urban areas. So it is refreshing to look from a high…

Cuban cars

It is inevitable when on a trip to Cuba that you will talk about the cars. The old glorious American vehicles. If you also…

The British isles

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