We’ve both had dogs before. We would love to have a dog again, but our plans have no room for pets right now. Instead, we are more than happy to snuggle with other people’s furry friends.

We are registered with Trusted Housesitters.com. You can find our profile here. We chose this site as they are the greatest website for house and pet sitting, and they are expanding constantly. Trusted Housesitters is big in the British Isles, Europe, Australia and the United States, but we also see an increase of requests for house sitters on New Zealand, Costa Rica, Panama, Canada, South Africa and the Caribbean.

Not everybody has friends and family who can take care of their pets while they go on holiday or for various reasons must go away. A kennel for many is not an option. Also, there will probably be a growing need for someone to look after the house as the economy is failing in more and more places, and it does not feel safe to leave the house empty.

For us, the pets are not the only reason why we choose to house sit. Or the fact that you get to stay for free over a period of time. In this way we can actually live like the locals and get a completely different perspective on the places we visit. The local pub, the market around the corner, the lesser known forest trail, and a different route to the places we want to see. Not to mention getting to know the neighbors and the homeowners themselves. House sitting is a good seed of a potential friendship.

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