Benji and Juno

Benji and Juno


During the summer of 2013 we had two house sitting assignments while we drove around the British Isles in our Land Rover. This was our second.

We jumped with joy when the assignment was confirmed. A month in Somerset – the month of July too. We were certainly going to enjoy ourselves here.
We went down to visit the family a couple of weeks in advance, so we could get an introduction to the procedures and ask any questions we would have. Since the homeowners were going to be away for so long, it was a good opportunity to see if this felt right for both parties. For them, this was also the first time they had used house sitters.
We clicked right away and the dogs were just lovely – we were looking forward to coming back .

We parked up in front of the house the night before they were to go away. We had dinner together, asking more questions, becoming more comfortable, and getting to know the dogs that would be ours for the next four weeks.
Benji and Juno were a pleasure to deal with and over the next four weeks we got very attached to them – we still miss them.
Like Bentley from Hook, Benji was also a real ball dog. Or actually – whatever could be thrown and caught. There were lots of pine cones, both large and small. The garden was full of them. While Joe was working on the Land Rover, he would turn around and find several things Benji had put forward, as he waited anxiously for Joe to throw them.
Juno was a great deal more relaxed. In fact she could sleep all day, but woke up at dusk and would bounce and play. The dogs did not seem to play much with each other, so it was fun the few times they fought over a thick piece of rope (tug of war). Benji was tireless when doing this and gave Juno some work to do.

We were so lucky to have the best summer in years the weeks we were here. England experienced a real heat wave. Along with Benji, we cooled ourselves in the sprinklers, whilst nurturing various garden plants in the heat). We picked raspberries, experimented with dishes on the AGA stove, worked on the Land Rover, and slept like babies in the very comfortable bed.
We went hiking in the Quantock Hills with the dogs and ate dinner with the owners’ father in law who lived just down the road.

Circumstances made this assignment turn into more than just looking after the house and dogs for a little while. We were suddenly house sitting two houses and because of that, this family has a special place in our hearts. 🙂