Bentley, Vesper and Sol

Bentley, Vesper and Sol


During the summer of 2013 we had two house sitting assignments while we drove around the British Isles in our Land Rover. This was our first.

Our first assignment on this trip through was in Hook, south of Reading. Two minutes before the time we had agreed to show up we drove into the front drive of the house, a converted barn. Here a smiling couple were awaiting us with their three active dogs: Sol, Vesper and Bentley. After the introductions, going through all the procedures and a nice lunch together, the couple said goodbye and the dogs were ours for the next five days.
We had two hour long walks every day, which took us around nice walking areas, where we chit chat with other dog owners, threw a ball – again and again – to a veeeeeery dedicated Bentley, who never seemed to get tired!
He was lucky too. His ball disappeared into the river one day. He had chewed holes in it, and now it filled with water and sank before he could find it. – Oh, what a pity, we said attempting to move on without the ball. But then – there! – just around the next bush a perfect and very red ball awaited us! Jeanette walked on a little further to see if there were other dogs looking for it, but no – none. So Bentley got a new ball, and this one he will struggle to chew holes in.

We called for Vesper who was constantly sniffing for some scraps, or rolling in something smelly. We stood there looking at her devouring a rabbit that we never managed to take away from her. Where the thin body put it all is a mystery, no big belly either. The fragrances though, that arose from under the kitchen table the next few days were “lovely”. Sol disappeared into the woods and it felt like an eternity before he decided to come back out to us. Despites all this, we managed to get all three dogs back home safely – every day.


Joe worked on the Land Rover while we were parked here. Jeanette played piano, updated the website, did some shopping at Sainsbury’s and answered the couple’s business phone. She also enjoyed cooking on the Alfa oven in the kitchen. The garden offered all the salad we could eat, as well as fresh strawberries. After weeks in the car with simple food we took the opportunity to have some tasty meals with fresh salad on the side.
Of course we took a trip to one of the small town pubs for dinner one evening too. This summer Jeanette really had a thing for fish pie (hello, mashed potatoes on top!) and Joe used the opportunity to eat some old favorites too.

After five days, the couple came back home to three tired dogs. Five days with lots of walks, hugs and kisses. Three dogs with very different personalities and activity level, we enjoyed looking after Sol, Vesper and Bentley.


We got some real yummy jam! Thank you!